Useful Resources

Many organizations throughout the world are working towards promoting the need for education and training related to wound care. It is e to make people aware of this problem. Here are the links to some useful resources.

Wound Healing Society


This is a renowned organization focused on wound healing education and research. It works towards improving the outcomes of wound healing. The organization is well-known both nationally and internationally.

SAWC Network


This site contains useful contents for the wound care clinicians. You will find information about various wound care trade fairs and programs. You will be able to enroll in various wound care relate online courses. You will get access to important resources and get to know about the latest wound care products for the patients.

Tissue Viability Society


This organization provides expertise in wound management. It works toward providing information, promoting research and raising awareness regarding wound prevention and management.

The New Zealand Wound Care Society Inc.


It is a voluntary organization which consists of health care professionals from different disciplines. They all share a common interest in wound management. This organization provides the opportunity to its members to share their knowledge, expertise, and experience in wound management.

All these resources will help you understand more about wound management. This way, you will be able to share your knowledge with others in the field of wound care and its prevention.